Mango Arcade is an online compilation of games hosted by Mango Languages. The goal is to create a fun environment for language learning. The project included the creation of 4 splash screens and a banner. Each illustration features home-made typography and a unique style, drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary video games.


In Conjugator the player practices conjugation in order to avoid becoming a snack. The visual style reflects the in-game graphics and the composition sets the tone of the game with a cold-blooded stare (pun intended) from the Alligator.


Mango Mega Miners is a “platformer” style mining game. The look and feel is Influenced by the flat, side-scrolling style of platformers, and the composition was made to have the appearance of an actual level in the game.


Scary Mango Boo Scare has a comical name and an eerie mood, with layered film effects and a grey-scale palette. Careful attention was paid to the placement of each element from the tree branches to the haunted house looming in the distance.


This splash screen was inspired by the game Shadow of Colossus, but created in the context of the Mango Languages world. The artwork was rendered as a digital painting to make the scene come alive in a stylized and enchanting way.