A rich, colorful palette and bold delivery to celebrate two of a kind.

From the Brides side-business of hand made, food themed clay jewelry to the Grooms vast knowledge of computer science; both are talented, radiant, and methodical. In order to express these sensibilities a concise and vibrant design was in order. Along with the hydrangea, the wedding also featured mason jars and paper lanterns. Wedding photography by Sarah Scott.

The save the dates set the tone for the wedding, and are meant to create excitement and anticipation. The condensed sans serif was used here exclusively to give the impression of a poster or flyer for an event. The bride and grooms names are highlighted in the pink and blue, echoed by the two lanterns on the back side. The secondary font was used on the back, finishing off a little more personal and sincere.

All of the materials were created with precise spacing and hierarchy, in order to be universally clear and easy to use. Each piece has its own individual personality, but all are unified by color and form. From the icons to the flower illustrations, all elements were uniquely created for this project.

Since the programs are to be used during the ceremony, the main theme for the design is love. A heart was loosely composed with the use of flower pedals for a lighthearted and cheerful aesthetic, while the information inside is clear and formal.

The thank you cards feature an illustration of the mason jars and pedals to remind everyone of the fun occasion, and to symbolize the end of a party and beginning of a new family. A short, personal message was written to each person in the space on the front along with a big, grateful “LOVE, JOSHUA + ANGELA.”